Valeriy Radmirov

Михайло Коцюбинський Тiнi забутих предкiв.

Dismantle NAT🚫 Dismantle terror.

Valeriy Radmirov - Missing, 2019

tweet Missing, 2019

milk, sugar, acrylic, charcoal, masking tape, canvas, 190 x 130 cm

Sometimes childhood disappears even faster than a child has time to take just the first steps toward the perception of a brutal reality. Time lies to us in its formal objectivity, appearing at one moment with outstretched arms, but for some - more often - stretching a slippery limb of another continuum to rip out the world from behind the back and leave only a vacuum. I remember fragments from my childhood. They warm me today, even as shreds of once enormous blankets. What does keep warm those absorbed by another continuum forever?

«Human trafficking is always a crime, committed with the intention to exploit; in conflict situations, characterized by violence, brutality and coercion, traffickers can operate with even greater impunity. Trafficking in armed conflict has taken on horrific dimensions – child soldiers, forced labour, sexual slavery. » UNODC, Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2018 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.19.IV.2)