A Message, 2019

Valeriy Radmirov - A Message, 2019

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PET-bottles, fresh water, organic fiber sisal, untreated wood

Two vessels (PET-bottles) of the same volume, one of which has reduced its capacity by effect of increased temperatures, just like the capacities of two land reservoirs in natural ecosystems, in different parts of the world, change their volume differently under the influence of Earth's climate change.

You can see inequality of access to fresh water in the world looking at capacity of each bottle and comparing the possibility to obtain more fresh water, which is obviously limited in the vessel with reduced size, temporarily or forever.

The total volume of water in both vessels together is currently equal to the volume of one full bottle.

This performative work can be used in real life and on the one hand consists of handmade materials of organic nature, on the other hand of mashine produced objects with long-time period of biodegradation. Both of materials are widely used, often combined with each other, in countries with economical and ecological problems.