Мать и Дитя (англ. Mother and Child), 2021

Valeriy Radmirov - Мать и Дитя (англ. Mother and Child), 2021

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milk, sugar, cotton, bamboo, treated wood, 322 x 255 x 47 + 274 x 91 x 4 cm (performative objects)

How can i find a language that can only partially describe the pain of transformation, invisible but present in any society? A child comes to the parents to say the vital message that will divide the life into ‘before’ and ‘after’. They close it’s eyes or avert their own eyes, distorted in a fume. The child knows the pain of change better.

Is it true that our bodies are perfect only when the creator does complete them? The questions of their flexibility, sexuality and finally their nature demand the transformation of environment so avidly.

If i search for the answers, how may i treat the material with all care, try to preserve it’s original pure nature, not to mix it with something, that might cause additional pain to what is already distinctly painful?

Nature is ready to weep, to struggle, to wreck, but ready to find new ways and saturate itself with it’s own power, nature decides everything for itself. Laws are written yesterday, and the rebellious nature feels up to mock them today. Because nature is stronger than any law.

In approaching the theme of transformation, i apply milk to the surface of the body, allowing the dynamics of form and the flexibility of material to manifest and give a new life. If i imagine that a new sculptural object will be born from the body of painting, in the same way the bodies will speak to me of the birth and of the rebirth of human body.

The pain of transformations can be in evidence, tangible or inlying. It is as complex as the relationship between the body and the society into which the creator has thrown it. It is not always obvious to the observer, and it does not need to be hidden.

12 canvas pieces are time-based states of body after the birth.

The pieces had been treated with the surgical scalpel and fire and covered with milk and sugar.

The works and suspension are made of fully organic, biodegradable and recyclable materials.

I dedicate the work to the subtle childhood. And i dedicate the work to my admirable parents.