Sent: reply, 2018

Valeriy Radmirov - Sent: reply, 2018

tweet Sent: reply, 2018

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'Sent: reply' is series of works in which i investigate in private conversation with a stranger a social reaction on incoming visual information bearing textual filling. Interlocutors do not know each other. It is analogy to Voyager 1 and 2 probes.

Nowadays how well have we learnt to evaluate freedom, freedom of choice, to understand life values, cultural values, and then to describe our human society and what's happening in it? Today, does it still make sense, if one intelligent life form will send a message to another, unknown intelligent life form?

Single unique photograph and text have been sent to a stranger via installed messenger app after series of digital photographs has been taken with brand new mobile phone.

1, description: the view of two mobile phones. The names of users are hidden according to privacy policy